Weeds and Bad Fish – CRC Sunday Service

February 17, 2019

Psalm 63:1-5

Lord, Thou Hast Searched Me (Trinity Hymnal p36)

Prayer Focus this Week: Ramona Cox


Now Unto Jehovah, Ye Sons of the Mighty (Trinity Hymnal p45)

1 Now unto Jehovah, ye sons of the mighty,
all glory and strength and dominion accord;
ascribe to him glory, and render him honor,
in beauty of holiness worship the Lord,
in beauty of holiness worship the Lord.

2 The voice of Jehovah comes down on the waters;
in thunder the God of the glory draws nigh.
Lo, over the waves of the wide-flowing waters
Jehovah as King is enthroned on high!
Jehovah as King is enthroned on high!

3 The voice of Jehovah is mighty, is mighty;
The voice of Jehovah in majesty speaks:
The voice of Jehovah the cedars is breaking;
Jehovah the cedars of Lebanon breaks,
Jehovah the cedars of Lebanon breaks.

4 Each one, in His temple, His glory proclaimeth.
He sat on the flood; he is King on his throne.
Jehovah all strength to his people imparteth;
Jehovah with peace ever blesseth his own,
Jehovah with peace ever blesseth his own.

The Apostles Creed (Trinity Hymnal p741)

I believe in God, the Father almighty,
creator of heaven and earth.

I believe in Jesus Christ, his only Son, our Lord,
who was conceived by the Holy Spirit
and born of the virgin Mary.
He suffered under Pontius Pilate,
was crucified, died, and was buried;
he descended to hell.
The third day he rose again from the dead.
He ascended to heaven
and is seated at the right hand of God the Father almighty.
From there he will come to judge the living and the dead.

I believe in the Holy Spirit,
the holy catholic* church,
the communion of saints,
the forgiveness of sins,
the resurrection of the body,
and the life everlasting. Amen.

*that is, the true Christian church of all times and all places


Behold the Lamb 
by Keith and Kristyn Getty

Christ Our Righteousness

Hebrews 3

Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43, 47-50
(link to PDF/audio/video of sermon)

Come Ye Thankful People Come (Trinity Hymnal p715)

22 thoughts on “Weeds and Bad Fish – CRC Sunday Service

  1. This message really hit home for me, especially what the woman you quoted said in the second paragraph, on page two of the PDF. I too had the veil ripped off, the rose colored glasses torn off, and the scales sharply and suddenly removed from my eyes one day, and I saw, after twenty years of chaos and drama that I had actually been planted in a field of bad seed, of choking weeds, and not the good seed I had thought. All at once everything became crystal clear, and I was devestated to learn that those had I thought were Christians, with pure hearts and righteous, good intentions, were actually the exact opposite, they were wolves, snakes, scorpions, and sharks…my eyes were finally seeing reality, and it was an immense shock, but at the same time everything finally made sense, which in a way was actually a relief, but a very bitter one.

    After learning about these ‘wolves’ over the past several years, I realized that I had been projecting my Christianity onto them, which blinded me to the truth…I could never come to the conclusion that they were actually so evil, especially the matriarch of the family, one of the most destructive and covertly wicked people I’ve ever known, who has everyone thinking she walks on water, as I did for many years…the damage she has done to this family is astonishing, and continues to this day. She’s living with us now and has cancer, and I don’t have any hope this side of heaven now for the truth to be recognized and dealt with properly, so I’m praying that on the day the good seed and the weeds are separated, the truth will finally be revealed and known, and all will come to light.

    I don’t understand why this all happened, but in your sermon Pastor Crippen, you mention how the majority of the church is really unsaved, I’m seeing that more and more now, and it saddens me.

    May your messages open the eyes of many to the truth and may the veils be torn from the hearts of all true believers, even though the pain of doing so will be very great.

    Thank you again for all you do…your ministry is a ‘Balm of Gilead’ for so many.

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    1. Stormy, I agree wholeheartedly with your thoughts. Makes no difference where the abuse originated from-“church family” or “DNA family”. My abusers were not outside my home but were my “christian” (counterfeit) parents and their circle of accomplices and allies were “christian” relatives (counterfeits, false teachers, a church elder aunt, an ordained minister aunt) who all knew children were being horrifically abused in every way and they chose to enable evil. They still stand by the abusers to this day.

      The effects of our abuse were crazy-making and left scars no matter how it occurred.

      But I wanted to point you to today’s post by Pastor Crippen on “lightfordarktimes” about “Cognitive Dissonance”. It does explain much about the “why” questions we victims too often ask ourselves.

      Why and how could we not clearly SEE this evil or respond as appropriately or quickly as we later think we should have?
      Once the scales/veil..have been removed, usually after we depart from the abusers, we see it so clearly-in hindsight.

      Cognitive Dissonance played a part in our not assigning the appropriate labels of “Evil” or “Hypocrite” to the abusers right away. Our minds try to explain away the unexplainable. Or to look for the good instead of focusing on the blatantly bad. Because of “family ties”, because we know the proper response (fleeing, reporting to authorities..) will likely be met with ugliness, will likely cause us to be shunned. Because we were/are dealing with masters of deception. Who are very practiced at their “art” of duping people and collecting a cadre of future allies to promote them as “the best people” and also to retaliate against us for them when they are eventually exposed. They practice their roles as decent pillars of the church almost 24/7 (whenever they aren’t busy abusing behind closed doors). The deception works all too well for them and that’s the sickening part.

      Also, we know in our spirits and in our guts that we will stand alone if we call evil what it is: “Evil”. So we unconsciously look for alternative ways to reconcile what our spirits are telling us is going on (evil/abuses) and what we “see” with our earthly eyes (their “deceptive act”).

      I’m so glad you are in the place where you are seeing with unveiled eyes more and more!! It’s hard hard work to recover from this evil. Our cutting through their deceptions and double messages to the TRUTH will lead to our healing. You are thankfully on the right road.

      🙏🏽Prayers for you dear sister. Stay strong in the Lord!💪🏽


  2. I finally was able to get the audio sermon played (I am in my 50’s and technically challenged haha) it was wonderful and so uplifting to be reminded that the Lord’s righteous judgement never will fail His children. Sadly, I have known people who refuse to know evil (everyone is so wonderful!) and paid a big price for being willfully blind. Thank you so much for inviting me to a church who walks in truth. P.S. I wrote another question about the apostles creed above and do not see my question here.


  3. I am still having trouble getting the sermon to play but did read this page.

    Under apostles creed, it said “the holy Catholic church” the true Christian church?! Am I reading something wrong? My eyes nearly popped when I read this. Please advise me.


    1. Walkinginlight, twbtc here – Good question. It can be confusing.

      The word catholic, lower case c, doesn’t refer to the Roman Catholic Church. The word catholic was first used in the early second century and comes from two Greek words that together that mean – throughout the whole. The creed uses the word catholic in it’s original sense that being of the wholeness of Christ’s church throughout all time in which Jesus is its foundation.

      Hope that helps.


    2. Walkinginlight- yes, TWBTC is correct. “Catholic” as a word has been hijacked by Rome. Historically it means “universal” and thus is the exact opposite in meaning to Rome’s distortion which limits “universal” to only one group! Its a good word and is properly used in the Apostles Creed. Think of it as “the body of Christ” in all places and all times”


      1. Thank you for the information. Whenever I hear the word Catholic my antennae go up. I learned all about the denomination way back from brother Dave Hunt (who is with the Lord now) at the bereancall.org in Bend Oregon. They have discussed the Apostles creed on the website. Brother Tom who has replaced Dave use to be a Roman Catholic before he was saved.


  4. It may have been just me, but did anyone else find it hard to hear? Could be just me, or it could be the distance from the microphone.

    But, it was great! The very first virtual church video sermon!


    1. anonymous – Sound seems ok on my iphone and on my computer. We are recording the video and sound by using my iphone 8plus. If I come across some iphone microphone that might make the sound even better I will see what we can do. We have the phone set up on an iphone tripod so it just points at the pulpit. It would be a bit less monotonous if we scanned and did different angles like the pros do, but then that is beyond our abilities now. And besides, we don’t want to look too “pro” right? No showmanship here!


      1. It’s me then, and my old technology. Good to know. That’s why I asked, because I wasn’t sure. Definitely no iphone here. Nothing like that.

        I thought it was lovely that I could follow along with your PDF and watch your sermon, as though I was in church, right there with you all.

        And who wants scanning and different angles? No way! I watch the pastor when I go to church, eyes up front, as that’s where one’s focus ought to be. No production-tv-recording operation, needed. Plus, who wants to go to a church to worship the LORD and have a camera jammed in their face? Not me. It’s unfair to the congregation. Leave the mega churches showmanship productions to them!

        And I think you do wonderfully in front of the camera. You look at it periodically, which makes us virtual congregants (or at least me) feel like we’re there, and you’re preaching to us. It’s a skill to look into a camera and talk to it.

        What a wonderful thing this blog evolved into — a church with a regular membership and a virtual membership. It’s a lovely, lovely thing to be again a part of a church! 🙂


      2. We are all pretty excited about it too. This is the first time in a long time our church has had any new people to connect with.


  5. I just heard the first sermon. It was so good. Thank you —tears in my eyes. Your words are “The Balm of Gilead” thank you! Healing is happening within because you are speaking the truth! The light is shining brightly on my situation and you are affirming me!

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  6. We thoroughly enjoyed our participation in Sunday service today as part of our new virtual church congregation!
    Great sermon, Pastor. So relevant and necessary to acquiring wisdom about Jesus’ OWN Words about the widespread presence of “Weeds and Bad Fish” among us in our churches, the separation of them to come, the truth about their certain horrible fate and our secure, certain glorious fate as His remnant. And that it will ALL be in His Hands. This still so eludes so MANY Christians.


    1. Thx Z. I just about have the video of todays sermon uploaded to sermon audio. Takes quite a long time to upload. But if you check in a couple of hours it should be there.

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      1. Pastor,
        For those of us who are not very “tech-savvy” (I’m far from it!), maybe you could tell us how to access the VIDEO of your sermons? I’d need step-by-step directions unless it’s as easy as the audio sermons are! Thanks.


      2. Just go to sermonaudio.com/crc OR later today I think TWBTC is going to insert a link in yesterday’s order of service we published


  7. This is amazing.
    And the closing statement of God knowing His own and will not be lost or forgotten. I am strengthened.
    Thank you for this service you provide. Thank you.

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