Jesus Feeds the 5,000 – CRC Sunday Sermon

March 31, 2019

Pastoral Reading
Ephesians 1:3-10

Opening Hymn
Crown Him With Many Crowns (Trinity Hymnal #295)

Focus this Week: Jim Reeher 

Congregational Hymns
There is a Fountain Filled with Blood (Trinity Hymnal #253)
Jesus Paid it All (Trinity Hymnal #308)

Offering Hymn
In His Love He Has Redeemed Us

In His love He has redeemed us, Given hope instead of dread.
For He resurrected Jesus, Our Savior from the dead.

An inheritance He gives us, incorruptible above. 
He will keep it safe in heaven, Reserved for us in love.

He will keep our faith from failing, None of His will fall away. 
He preserves them for salvation, Revealed in the last day.

Le us praise the God and Father of our Savior and our Lord,
who because of His great mercy, 
His grace to us outpoured.

Scripture Reading
Exodus 16:1-31

Preaching the Word
Jesus Feeds the 5,000 – He is Greater than Moses (link to sermon audio)
YouTube Link

Closing Hymn
Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah, Trinity Hymnal #598

(Links to recordings of hymns and the sermon are in blue font)

3 thoughts on “Jesus Feeds the 5,000 – CRC Sunday Sermon

  1. I feel comforted by your words, Pastor, that say that if the “world”-those living in their darkness (including counterfeit christians) hates you and even wants to destroy or kill you
    -John the Baptist=Light
    & it led to Murder of the Light.
    then we who are hated by the world can take heart in being light hated by darkness.

    Even though it honestly feels horrendous to live this way on earth, as a constant target, especially when abusers and their allies make up large part of the darkness, haters and “would-be murderers”, we CAN take heart. We have eternity as our sure inheritance for our commitment to following Jesus, despite the great cost here on earth. For some of us, the cost is not just being unpopular or unaccepted by the world. No. For some of us, there’s actual serious danger and hatred of the murderous kind. It doesn’t matter. We know our end is eternity in heaven and theirs is a fiery pit.

    Thank God earth is temporary! It is not our home so we SHOULDN’T feel comfortable here. And for some, the discomfort is at times almost unbearable. But whatever the cost, it will be worth it when we get to live in our real home with Jesus. Forever!

    When I get down about being abused, isolated, abandoned, targeted and smeared…THIS is what comforts me. THIS is what I live for-the NEXT REAL LIFE. Perspective!

    In the meantime, “I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me.” I can endure the world’s (and satan’s-their master) best efforts to “take me down” and destroy me with Jesus by my side.

    Another very illuminating sermon, Pastor. I’m glad to be part of this community of true believers.

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  2. Morning
    And again thank you for this service you provide.
    I have come to understand because I have been abused since infancy. Returning to the church is not going to happen.
    I’ve never heard the feeding of the 5000 this way.
    If I understand this correctly and I’m condensing…if we seek God and His purpose all the rest will fall into place?
    It sort of references for me Psalm 23.
    When I am scared or troubled because I am not conforming to this world and evil will cause me distress. I am protected and provided for because I turn to God. And not this world.

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