Justice Keepers Publishing

Justice Keepers Publishing was established by Pastor Jeff Crippen to facilitate publishing books through Amazon’s Createspace self-publishing tool.  The focus of the books is the exposure of evil in the visible church and the validation and aid of victims such as victims of domestic and sexual abusers.  Books can be purchased by clicking on the cover of the book, which is an Amazon affiliate link.


This book is a summation of our 16 sermon series (still at sermonaudio.com/crc) on the Temple.  You can find that series by the same title, In My Father’s House, at Sermon Audio. (Click on the book title for Amazon link.)


Continuing with the theme of A Cry for Justice, Unholy Charade provides more insights into the domestic abuser’s deceptions and includes wise and instructive accounts from victims. (Click on the above title to go to Amazon to purchase.)




Much of the darkness in local churches today is cast by the misuse of God’s Word.  Untwisting Scriptures gives some classic examples of false teachers using their Scripture ‘twists’ to enslave. (Click on the above title to go to Amazon to purchase.)

Untwisting Scriptures has been translated into Portuguese.  Click here to go to Amazon for this edition.


Tear Down this Wall of Silence
is a book about another all too common darkness lurking in church pews — the sexual abuser/predator.  This is a call to the church to stop living in denial of this evil and expose it. (Click on above title to go to Amazon to purchase.)