Light for Dark Times

LFDT is the teaching ministry of CRC. Links to our weekly sermons (both current and past)  at Sermon Audio and regular posts teaching and applying the truths of Scripture will be found here. LFDT is a place to connect with Christ Reformation Church no matter where you live.

Unholy Charade 

UC focuses upon exposing domestic abusers hiding in local churches, teaching about their tactics and mentality, and bringing God’s Word to bear upon this wickedness. UC also strives to strengthen abuse victims by believing them, helping them see what their abuser is doing to them, and setting them free from church leaders and members who would keep them in bondage.

Book Ministry

Jeff Crippen has authored two books on domestic abusers in the church: Unholy Charade*, and A Cry for Justice*. Both are available on Amazon. We also try to provide copies of these books to abuse victims who are not able to buy them.  See how to donate to the book ministry – here.

We also have a Resources section on both blogs where books we recommend are listed and described.


*Amazon Affiliate associate.  See here for more info