Part 58 – Revelation Study, Rev 11:1-2

We continue to look at the temple which John is told to measure - it is the Church. The measuring is symbolic of God's protection of our faith throughout the church age. The outer court represents nominal Christians who are not part of the true Israel, the church.

Part 108 – Gospel of John Study, The Cross

The cross is the central essence of the gospel.

Part 57 – Revelation Study 11:1-4

We continue to look at 11:1-2 and think about the identity of the temple, what measuring it means, and who the two witnesses are.

Part 107 – Gospel of John Study 18:9ff

We consider the motives of Pilate, the depth of the sin of the Jews in crucifying their Messiah, and also begin to look at the meaning of the cross.

Part 56 – Revelation Study 11:1-2

Who are the Two Witnesses who come in the Spirit of Elijah and Moses? We will find great encouragement for Christ's true people in this chapter.

Part 106 – Gospel of John 18:37ff

We look into some historic information about Pilate and Barabbas to help us better understand Pilate's motives. The Perfect Lamb of God, absolutely innocent of any sin or crime, was pronounced innocent by Pilate and yet handed over to be crucified.

Part 55 – Revelation Study 11:1-2

We begin to look at 11:1-2, the measuring of the temple. What is this temple and what does the measuring mean?

Part 105 – Gospel of John 18:36 (con)

We continue to cruise through the NT references to the kingdom of God, emphasizing that this subject is a virtual synonym for the gospel.

Part 54 – Revelation Study 10:4ff

God's righteous judgment is announced in the little scroll given to John. As Creator, God is owed all honor and thanksgiving, but man the sinner refuses to acknowledge the Lord.

Part 104 – Gospel of John Study 11:36 (con)

We continue to look at this major theme of the gospel - the kingdom of God.