Part 58 – Revelation Study, Rev 11:1-2

We continue to look at the temple which John is told to measure - it is the Church. The measuring is symbolic of God's protection of our faith throughout the church age. The outer court represents nominal Christians who are not part of the true Israel, the church.

Part 57 – Revelation Study 11:1-4

We continue to look at 11:1-2 and think about the identity of the temple, what measuring it means, and who the two witnesses are.

Part 56 – Revelation Study 11:1-2

Who are the Two Witnesses who come in the Spirit of Elijah and Moses? We will find great encouragement for Christ's true people in this chapter.

Part 55 – Revelation Study 11:1-2

We begin to look at 11:1-2, the measuring of the temple. What is this temple and what does the measuring mean?

Part 54 – Revelation Study 10:4ff

God's righteous judgment is announced in the little scroll given to John. As Creator, God is owed all honor and thanksgiving, but man the sinner refuses to acknowledge the Lord.

Part 53 – Revelation Study 10:2-4

We continue to consider the vision of the mighty angel with the little scroll. The scroll is most probably the rest of the book of Revelation that John is commissioned to write.

Part 52 – Revelation Study, ch 10

Who is the mighty angel here in chapter 10?

Part 51 – Revelation Study 9:12ff

The 5th and 6th Trumpet Judgments. Demonic deception of the earth dwellers and the judgment of unceasing wars.

Part 50 – Revelation Study 5th and 6th Trumpets

We look further into the 5th trumpet judgment and read another commentator who understands the locusts loosed by Satan as false doctrine and heresies unleashed upon the world.

Part 49 – Revelation Study 5th Trumpet

The fifth trumpet judgment, continued. Here we see Satan allowed to unleash demonic hordes upon all those who are not in Christ. This is happening now in this present church age.