Part 48 – Revelation Study 5th Trumpet

The 5th trumpet judgment is an unleashing of demonic hordes upon a world that has rejected Christ.

Part 47 – Revelation Study, Fourth Trumpet

More on the third trumpet and wormwood, then on to the fourth trumpet judgment of 1/3 darkness.

Part 46 – Revelation Study, The Third Trumpet: Wormwood

We continue our study of the trumpet judgments, considering the third trumpet, Wormwood.

Part 45 – Cataclysmic Events: Revelation Study, Trumpets (con)

We continue studying the Trumpet judgments, hearing from Joel Beeke and G.K. Beale. How do you understand cataclysmic events in this world?

Part 44 – Revelation Study ch. 8

More examination of what the first four trumpets symbolize. We continue to hear what G.K. Beale shows us about the OT background of these visions.

7 Trumpet Judgments, Part 43 – Revelation Study, ch 8

We continue with G.K. Beale's help identifying the message of the 7 trumpet judgments. Parallels with Jericho judgment and the Egyptian plagues are evident and help us understand.

The Trumpet Judgments, Part 42 – Revelation Study 8:6ff

The trumpet judgments hearken us back to the Egyptian plagues and the fall of Jericho.

Part 41 – Revelation Study Ch. 8:5ff

Liberal, counterfeit "christianity" doesn't know what to do with Revelation. We also discuss further the meaning of the trumpet judgments. (Note: connection dropped at 11 minutes and we restarted)

The Trumpets of Jericho, Part 40 – Revelation Study Ch. 8

The trumpets at Jericho tell us about the 7 trumpets of Revelation.

Numberless Church in Heaven, Part 39 – Revelation Bible Study, Ch. 8

A few additional comments on chapter 7 and the numberless church in heaven. then we introduce the trumpet judgments which begin in chapter 8.