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In keeping with including our readers as part of Christ Reformation Church and Light for Dark Times ministry, we want to also provide you with a way to submit prayer requests that we can pray for. One way to do this is to put your request in a comment here on this page so that others in our blog family can see them and pray for them. Or you may send them to Pastor Crippen by email at [email protected]. Be careful to protect your identity when necessary.

7 thoughts on “Prayer Requests

    1. Received Marlene. This is a subject I have not thought a lot about. But in some ways I suppose it is a bit similar to what I have experienced as a pastor when we put a wicked abusive man out of the church and then he just goes down the road to another church and that church receives him in no questions asked. You can try to call the new target, but they almost never want to believe you.

  1. I have followed A Cry for Justice and am now following Unholy Charade. in fact, a bit of my story is in that book. I have been married 38 years and am now living in my church as I have separated from my husband. He has been physically abusive (abusive in every way), but in the past few years, I have been able to recognize signs of escalation, and I get out. My church, as it is now, is supportive. They have called the police on him twice when he shows up to create a disturbance.

    I am struggling with throwing away 38 years of marriage. I just want to do the right thing, and it can be very lonely to be here without my home. Please pray for me that I do the right thing. Abuse used to be a daily, hourly fact of my life, but since I have exposed the abuse, and call him on it at every turn, it hasn’t been nearly as prevalent, but it still comes out, sometimes very covertly.

    1. Dear Debra- you are a very courageous lady and I am glad that your church is helping you. I understand what you mean about struggling with doing what is right. Seeing abuse for what it is, realizing it is only getting worse, and then making such huge changes after all those years is no simple task. Yet you have done so in your journey to freedom. We certainly will pray for you. That the Lord will give you wisdom. Remember, abusers never change. Your abuser’s past wickedness is the best predictor of his future behavior. For all the promises to change and for all the “I’m sorry’s” they never change. Its always just a setup for more abuse. Many blessings to you in Christ.

  2. I’m sending a prayer request after reading Wise as Serpents. My life has been upended by things I didn’t know how to name as evil. I’m putting the pieces back together with two small children. My request is simply that you pray for our safety and for God to help me get through this so I can give them a peaceful life and help them know Him and His love. Thanks so very much.

    1. Kathryns007- I am very glad the book helped you see it for what it is – evil. May the Lord bless you all and keep you safe and guide your decisions. You are very courageous.

  3. I’m in this situation as well. I have a baby girl that’s only 20 months old and abusive father is using the legal system to get revenge for me leaving. The deception and mind games continue. My prayer request is that Gods justice come quickly, the my child is protected and the judge sees the truth. My prayer request is also for my health as they want to biopsy part of my breast.

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