Prayer Requests

In keeping with including our readers as part of Christ Reformation Church, we want to also provide you with a way to submit prayer requests that the church here can pray for. One way to do this is to put your request in a comment here on this page so that others in our blog church can see them and pray for them.  Or you may send them to Pastor Crippen by email at or by text (503-801-0709) for our local congregation here to pray for.  Be careful to protect your identity when necessary.


2 thoughts on “Prayer Requests

    1. Received Marlene. This is a subject I have not thought a lot about. But in some ways I suppose it is a bit similar to what I have experienced as a pastor when we put a wicked abusive man out of the church and then he just goes down the road to another church and that church receives him in no questions asked. You can try to call the new target, but they almost never want to believe you.


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