Promises for the Battle

The natural man does not perceive reality. He is devoid of the Spirit and explains everything in an earthly, fleshly mindset. As such, he is also lost to the wonder promises of God.

Unconditional Election, TULIP Part 4

Why am I a Christian? Did God see I would believe?

Christmas 2021 – Unto Us a Child

The kingdom of Christ is an everlasting kingdom. Here we consider what is necessary for a kingdom to be eternal.

Holy, Holy, Holy – TULIP Part 3

If we are to grasp the total depravity of man in his sin, we must also rightly regard God as perfectly holy.

Total Depravity, TULIP Part 2

Man is born dead in sin (total depravity). He has no ability to choose Christ nor does he want to choose Christ. There is no "island of goodness" in him.

Gospel Basics, TULIP Part 1 – Introduction

We must be reminded frequently of gospel basics. Satan is always at work to lead us away from Christ and toward the worship of idols.