Will We See Sadie Again? – Part 3

Why were animals included on the ark? What is the purpose God has in creating animals? How has the curse from man's sin affected them?

Will We See Sadie Again – Part 2

Christ's redemption extends to the entire creation. Creation is groaning under the curse, awaiting the full restoration to Eden.

Will We See Sadie Again? – The Creation, Old and New (Pt 1)

Many people wonder if they will see not only their human loved ones again in heaven, but whether the Lord might also give them their beloved pets back in the new heavens and earth. This is a question that leads to the nature of Christ's redemption extending to the entire creation in the new heavens and earth.

Gnashing Teeth

The Bible very frequently refers to the wicked "gnashing their teeth." It is an expression of murderous rage against Christ and His people. This rage is increasing in our day as the antichrist's spirit gathers momentum. We must each one be in Christ or the enemy will surely deceive us.

Sickness – by J.C. Ryle

Sickness is a result of sin and the curse. However, the Lord uses it for our good if we will trust Him and learn the lessons He would teach us.

The Great Reunion

We must remind ourselves and one another that there is a great reunion day coming when Christ returns with all His people who have gone to heaven before us. There is great encouragement in this for the Christian and great terror for those who hate Christ.

The Fruit of Repentance

The gospel must include a call to repentance. If not, it is not the gospel but mere easy believism. Repentance bears fruit. It is visible.

No Time for the Lord

This parable of the Lord shows us the incredible grace of God in our salvation, and also the incredible wickedness of the sinner who refuses to come to Christ.

He is Risen Indeed

Satan attacks the gospel at every point, knowing that if any part of it is denied, such as the resurrection, it is no longer the gospel and cannot save.