The Sinfulness of Sin

Sin is utterly sinful because, for one reason, it is like a rat working destruction in the darkness. If left to its own, unrepented of, it will work death eternally.

The Barren Fig Tree Pt 5 – Pride

Pride is a rotten fruit that is inevitably found on the barren fig tree.

The Barren Fig Tree (Pt 4) The Fruit of Thankfulness

Where the fruit of love is, the fruit of thankfulness to God will necessarily come forth as well.

The Barren Fig Tree (Pt 3)

We look in more detail at the kind of fruit the Lord of the Vineyard is looking for. The Barren Fig Tree is a false Christian who is devoid of the love which only the Holy Spirit can produce in a person.

Eternity (J.C.Ryle)

Our future state in the world of eternity depends entirely on what we are in the present!" (JC Ryle) This is a sermon preached by Ryle (find it in his Practical Religion) and which is very appropriate for the first day of another new year.

The Word Became Flesh

John gives us the heart of the Incarnation in the 14th verse of his opening chapter. The Word became Flesh and dwelt among us.

The Child and the Dragon

In Matthew chapter 2, the account of Herod attempting to kill Christ, we see the outworking of Revelation 12 in which the dragon (Satan) waited by the woman until she gave birth. When we consider Bethlehem and the manger, we should always remember that the dragon was lurking nearby.

God’s Power is Perfected in Weakness

We must firmly believe the repeated truth of Scripture that the Lord works His power in and through weakness. Christ was born as an infant, not as a powerful king.

The Barren Fig Tree (Part 2)

The Barren Fig Tree (Part 1)

John Bunyan wrote an extensive article on the parable of the barren fig tree. With his help, we are going to devote several sermons to this subject of the fruitless "Christian"