Elijah and the Remnant – Encouragement in Dark Times

We are living in evil days, and just like Elijah we can be prone to despair and discouragement, thinking that we alone are left. But God always preserves His remnant, the true body of Christ.

Take Care – Don’t be One of These

Many who start out making a profession of Christ do not finish the race and become apostates. We must take care to honestly examine ourselves and be certain we are genuinely born again, not growing careless.

Two Great Categories of Men – Just Two

Consistently from Genesis to Revelation the Lord tells us that there are just two categories of human beings, and that it is the Word of the Cross, Christ Himself, that is the source of this Great Divide.

Work While it is Day

We must all be diligent to do the work which the Lord has given us to do while we have opportunity, and not lazily waste away the daytime He gives us to work in. Further, each of us must be certain that we have done the fundamental "work" of believing in Christ lest the night come upon us when the light of the gospel is removed.

Remember Lot’s Wife – J.C. Ryle

This is a sermon by JC Ryle read by Pastor Crippen. It is an excellent message and a very important one.

Two Men Went to Church – Only One Went to Heaven

This is the parable of the Pharisee and the tax-collector, both of whom went to the temple to pray. Only one left there justified, the other remained dead in his sins.

The King is Ascended

Christ is ascended and crowned as the Father's King. The Church triumphant is with Him and He will return in glory one day to judge the kings of the earth and all His enemies.

Wisdom Not of this Age – (Pt2)

The wisdom of the world and the wisdom of God are opposites. The Corinthians had remained infantile spiritually and as a result were still thinking like the world. This mindset leads to hell.

Wisdom Not of this Age – Part 9 in 1 Corinthians

The wisdom of the world vs the wisdom of God is a theme that is found all through Scripture. It is a vital topic for us to understand and with which we can examine ourselves to see if we really are born again.

The Power of Darkness Conquered