The Free Gift that Costs Everything (Pt 2)

Take up your cross and follow Me. What does this mean? It is an absolute condition to be Christ's disciple.

The Words, Works, and Person of Christ – The Gospel of Luke

We approach Luke's Gospel by examining major themes in it. The first is The Cost of Following Christ.

Hell is Truth Known too Late – Dives and Lazarus (Pt 5)

Seeking more evidence than God tells us in His Word is sinful unbelief.

Hell is Truth Known too Late – Dives and Lazarus (Pt 4)

We call on J.C. Ryle to help us consider further this certainty of death and how it is the great leveler of all men, rich and poor, powerful and week.

Hell is Truth Known Too Late – Dives and Lazarus (Pt 3)

Hell is real and hell is eternal. The Rich Man and Lazarus Parable.

Hell is Truth Known Too Late – Dives and Lazarus (Pt2)

We continue with this series on the Rich Man and Lazarus. Those who refuse to hear the Gospel of Christ call to repent and believe will one day find themselves in hell where they will "lift up their eyes" and see with clarity that hell is real and that it is too late for them.

Hell is Truth Known Too Late

This begins a series on Luke 16:19-31, the account of the Rich Man and Lazarus. Here we consider the two men's earthly states and think about the error of concluding that earthly prosperity evidences the blessing of God while poverty proves the absence of His blessing.

Christ in Hosea (CHS 12-14)

We conclude this series of messages on Hosea by making an overview of the entire book and finding the "dark sayings" about Christ and His redemption which appear repeatedly in the midst of God's pronouncement of judgment upon Israel. We focus particularly on Hosea 13:14 which is quoted by the Apostle Paul in 1 Cor 15.

The Father’s Love and Grief

The Lord pronounces judgment upon Israel and yet His great grief is revealed even as He effects His holy justice upon rebellious people.

Formalism (Pt 2) J.C.Ryle

This is the second and final part of J.C. Ryle's article entitled "Formalism." It is found in chapter 11 of his book, Practical Religion. Formal, nominal religion is a certain path to hell. God looks upon the heart.