No Other Foundation

Christ and Him crucified is the foundation of the church and we must be very, very careful to build upon that foundation and no other. It is sadly possible for a Christian to work very diligently, perhaps even effecting huge "results," when at the Day of the Lord it all goes up in smoke.

Be Renewed in Your Mind

Paul continues to admonish the Corinthians for their arrogance which had produced quarreling and factions in the church.

Blindness of the Natural Man

The unsaved man, the man Paul calls the "natural man," has no ability to understand spiritual things. Devoid of the Spirit of Christ, the natural man can only conclude that God's Word is foolishness. By the Spirit alone, through the new birth, is a person enabled to understand the things of God.

Two Great Categories of Men – Just Two

Consistently from Genesis to Revelation the Lord tells us that there are just two categories of human beings, and that it is the Word of the Cross, Christ Himself, that is the source of this Great Divide.

The King is Ascended

Christ is ascended and crowned as the Father's King. The Church triumphant is with Him and He will return in glory one day to judge the kings of the earth and all His enemies.

Wisdom Not of this Age – (Pt2)

The wisdom of the world and the wisdom of God are opposites. The Corinthians had remained infantile spiritually and as a result were still thinking like the world. This mindset leads to hell.

Wisdom Not of this Age – Part 9 in 1 Corinthians

The wisdom of the world vs the wisdom of God is a theme that is found all through Scripture. It is a vital topic for us to understand and with which we can examine ourselves to see if we really are born again.

A Foolish Message

The natural man cannot understand nor accept the things of the Spirit of God. The Word of the Cross is just foolishness to him.

One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism

The Lord leaves us no room for boasting. We are in Christ only because He has elected and saved us. It is by His doing alone that we have the gift of faith and repentance.

Preaching Christ Risen in Athens Today

Many professing Christian churches are changing biblical terms in an attempt to make sinners not feel like "outsiders." Paul's sermon on Mars Hill shows us that we must never alter the gospel in some attempt to make it less scandalous to the sinner.