The Sinfulness of Sin

Sin is utterly sinful because, for one reason, it is like a rat working destruction in the darkness. If left to its own, unrepented of, it will work death eternally.

The Barren Fig Tree Pt 5 – Pride

Pride is a rotten fruit that is inevitably found on the barren fig tree.

The Barren Fig Tree (Pt 4) The Fruit of Thankfulness

Where the fruit of love is, the fruit of thankfulness to God will necessarily come forth as well.

The Barren Fig Tree (Pt 3)

We look in more detail at the kind of fruit the Lord of the Vineyard is looking for. The Barren Fig Tree is a false Christian who is devoid of the love which only the Holy Spirit can produce in a person.

The Barren Fig Tree (Part 2)

The Barren Fig Tree (Part 1)

John Bunyan wrote an extensive article on the parable of the barren fig tree. With his help, we are going to devote several sermons to this subject of the fruitless "Christian"

Children of Abraham and the Lost (Pt 9)

What did Jesus mean when He said that Zacchaeus was a son of Abraham? And what did He mean when He said that He came to seek and save that which was lost? Who is lost? Who was He seeking?

The Free Gift that Costs Everything (Pt 8)

Christ comes to Jericho and salvation comes to Zacchaeus!

The Free Gift that Costs Everything (Pt 7)

The rich young ruler chooses to keep his penny while rejecting the billions in real treasure in heaven. He kept his idol. What might be an idol you need to jettison?

The Free Gift that Costs Everything (Pt 6)

Jesus deals with the Rich Young Ruler. Here, we consider this man's superficial inquiry about salvation and his flawed ideas about his own "goodness" and the requirements of God's Law.