Remember Lot’s Wife – J.C. Ryle

This is a sermon by JC Ryle read by Pastor Crippen. It is an excellent message and a very important one.

Let Any Man Come – by J.C. Ryle

The City – by JC Ryle

This is a reading of a sermon by J.C. Ryle preached in the 1800's based upon the Apostle Paul's reaction and sermon in Athens

Three Pictures! And which is mine? sermon by J.C. Ryle

In this sermon by J.C. Ryle, we are given three pictures taken from Acts 26:24-29, Festus, Agrippa, and the Apostle Paul. Which one describes us?

Sickness – by J.C. Ryle

Sickness is a result of sin and the curse. However, the Lord uses it for our good if we will trust Him and learn the lessons He would teach us.

Going to the Table – J.C. Ryle

This sermon is actually an article which appears in Ryle's book, Practical Religion, chapter 6. It is a very important sermon on an extremely important subject - the Lord's Table.

Formalism (Pt 2) J.C.Ryle

This is the second and final part of J.C. Ryle's article entitled "Formalism." It is found in chapter 11 of his book, Practical Religion. Formal, nominal religion is a certain path to hell. God looks upon the heart.

Formalism, by J.C. Ryle (Pt 1)

This is a sermon by J.C. Ryle which we will continue with next Sunday as well. The danger of outward religion of forms and ceremonies apart from a converted heart.

Few Saved by J.C. Ryle (Part 2)

This is the second part of Ryle's article in which he demonstrates from Scripture that few, not most, of human beings are saved.

Few Saved by J.C. Ryle (Part 1)

Today we read the first half of this great article/sermon by J.C. Ryle, Few Saved - which was taken from his book, Practical Religion. Have you been taught that most people will end up in heaven? Well, then this message is for you. Next half will be given next week.