“It’s All Good!” – Really? Hosea Pt. 11

The wicked insist that all is well with the world. They reject any suggestion that the evils we see increasing around us are due to their sin.

Rich Young Ruler – Decision Time

Christ brings us all to a point of decision in which we must either follow Him or go away from Him.

Two Gates, Two Choices

We must be on guard against the many false gospels prevalent around us today. Measuring a teaching against Jesus' description of the Narrow Way vs the Broadway is an excellent means of doing so.

Created Male and Female

God created man male and female. We are confronted in this fallen world with all kinds of perversions of gender and sexuality.

The Christian and the State

The civil authorities are established by God for our good and for striking fear into the lawless. Sometimes the Christian must choose to disobey the ruler in order to obey God.

Wars and Rumors of War

Jesus warned us that we can expect wars and other cataclysms to characterize this present world in which we live. We are not to be deceived by false prophets nor are we to be fearful.

Promises for the Battle

The natural man does not perceive reality. He is devoid of the Spirit and explains everything in an earthly, fleshly mindset. As such, he is also lost to the wonderful promises of God such as Isaiah 54:17