Christ in Hosea (CHS 12-14)

We conclude this series of messages on Hosea by making an overview of the entire book and finding the "dark sayings" about Christ and His redemption which appear repeatedly in the midst of God's pronouncement of judgment upon Israel. We focus particularly on Hosea 13:14 which is quoted by the Apostle Paul in 1 Cor 15.

The Father’s Love and Grief

The Lord pronounces judgment upon Israel and yet His great grief is revealed even as He effects His holy justice upon rebellious people.

Craving for False Gods – Hosea 10 (Pt 14)

Hosea exposes the craving for false gods among the Israelites. The more the Lord blessed them, the more they despised Him.

Today if You Hear His Voice (Hosea Pt. 13)

Hosea's countrymen pretended to be God's people but they were idolaters at heart. In this chapter (9) God pronounces His judgments upon them.

An Ominous Trumpet – Hosea 8 (Pt. 12)

Hosea announces to Israel that the Lord's trumpet is about to sound, announcing His judgment upon the nation for its idolatrous sins.

The Power of the Word (Pt. 10)

God intervenes to bless or judge individuals and nations. His Word is not only powerful, it IS power and therefore always effects what it speaks.

Idolatry and Demons – Hosea 5 (Pt9)

Idolatry is promoted and energized by demons. Those who worship false gods become enslaved to the devil.

Three Bad News Children – Hosea (Pt8)

We return now to our series in the book of Hosea. This message is a refresher and review of where we have been. The Lord tells Hosea to marry Gomer, an adulterous wife, and gives him three children whose names are bad news to Israel.