Tyranny and the Church

We are seeing tyranny in our nation today. How is the Church to respond? What are we to do? Who are we to be?

When is Separation Right and When is it Sinful?

Getting the Great White Throne Judgment Right

Revelation 20 says that all human beings, including Christians, will be judged by their works on the Day when Christ returns. How can that be? Is Herman Hoeksema right when he teaches that every sin ever committed, including the sins of Christians, will be displayed in full ugly clarity for all to see?

Pride – the Quencher to the Spirit’s Unity

We once again consider a chief theme of First Corinthians - pride and its terrible effects upon and within Christ's church.

We Have Everything in Christ – Pt 2

The pride which was so rampant at Corinth is inconsistent with who Christ's people are and leads to all sorts of divisions and troubles in a church.

The Wisdom of God and the Foolishness of Man

First Corinthians is a vital book of the New Testament for the church today, as it has been in all ages. The church at Corinth was a church plagued by the disease of pride, and that malady had led to all kinds of troubles - even in some cases to a denial of the gospel. The same sins seen in Corinth are plaguing the church today.

Test the Spirits – Is it God’s Word or a Lie from the Enemy?

What does John mean when he instructs us to "test the spirits"? Why is it so important that we do so? How do we apply this test?

The Dissolution of Borders and the One World Order

The increasing movement to dissolve the borders of nations in just one of many indications that Satan is actively at work, as he always has been, to establish a worldwide kingdom in opposition to the kingdom of God.

The Apostles’ Creed – The Communion of Saints (Part 10)

We must understand and believe that though we are still here in this world, we are part of the church universal, and that we are in actual communion with all the saints in this world and in heaven.

Let Any Man Come – by J.C. Ryle