TULIP #11 – Apostasy (part 3)

The apostate has received gracious gifts of the Holy Spirit, yet ends up despising them and falling away.

TULIP #10 – Apostasy and the Perseverance of the Saints (cont.)

Being "enlightened" by the Holy Spirit through the preaching of the gospel is not in itself the new birth. Many have received this great privilege and yet, through carelessness and unbelief, ended in apostasy.

Wars and Rumors of War

Jesus warned us that we can expect wars and other cataclysms to characterize this present world in which we live. We are not to be deceived by false prophets nor are we to be fearful.

TULIP #9 – Perseverance and Apostasy

An examination of Hebrews 6:4-6 and Apostasy. Can a real Christian ever be lost?

TULIP #8 – Perseverance

Will your anchor hold? Can anyone or anything snatch us out of Christ's hand so that the believer can possibly be eternally lost? the "P" in TULIP, and the Word of God, both answer, "never!"

Irresistible Grace, TULIP Part 7

God's calling of His elect to salvation via the Word and Spirit cannot be thwarted.

Unlimited Atonement (cont.), TULIP Part 6

We consider 10 points from Scripture that teach particular redemption and rule out universalism. We rely heavily in this sermon on Dr. Robert Reymond's excellent teaching of these biblical doctrines.

Limited (Definite) Atonement, TULIP Part 5

Christ died effectually for the elect, He did not die for the sins of every human being and leave the outcome to man.

Promises for the Battle

The natural man does not perceive reality. He is devoid of the Spirit and explains everything in an earthly, fleshly mindset. As such, he is also lost to the wonderful promises of God such as Isaiah 54:17

Unconditional Election, TULIP Part 4

Why am I a Christian? Did God see I would believe?