Craving for False Gods – Hosea 10 (Pt 14)

Hosea exposes the craving for false gods among the Israelites. The more the Lord blessed them, the more they despised Him.

Few Saved by J.C. Ryle (Part 2)

This is the second part of Ryle's article in which he demonstrates from Scripture that few, not most, of human beings are saved.

Few Saved by J.C. Ryle (Part 1)

Today we read the first half of this great article/sermon by J.C. Ryle, Few Saved - which was taken from his book, Practical Religion. Have you been taught that most people will end up in heaven? Well, then this message is for you. Next half will be given next week.

Today if You Hear His Voice (Hosea Pt. 13)

Hosea's countrymen pretended to be God's people but they were idolaters at heart. In this chapter (9) God pronounces His judgments upon them.

An Ominous Trumpet – Hosea 8 (Pt. 12)

Hosea announces to Israel that the Lord's trumpet is about to sound, announcing His judgment upon the nation for its idolatrous sins.

“It’s All Good!” – Really? Hosea Pt. 11

The wicked insist that all is well with the world. They reject any suggestion that the evils we see increasing around us are due to their sin.

The Power of the Word (Pt. 10)

God intervenes to bless or judge individuals and nations. His Word is not only powerful, it IS power and therefore always effects what it speaks.

Remember Lot’s Wife (Pt 2 – The Reality of Hell)

Part 2 of J.C. Ryle's sermon on Lot's wife. Hell is a reality and is a truth we are reminded of as we remember Lot's wife.

Remember Lot’s Wife: A Woman to be Remembered

J.C. Ryle's sermon (article) from his book "Holiness." Remember Lot's Wife.

Rich Young Ruler – Decision Time

Christ brings us all to a point of decision in which we must either follow Him or go away from Him.