Part 108 – Gospel of John Study, The Cross

The cross is the central essence of the gospel.

Part 107 – Gospel of John Study 18:9ff

We consider the motives of Pilate, the depth of the sin of the Jews in crucifying their Messiah, and also begin to look at the meaning of the cross.

Part 106 – Gospel of John 18:37ff

We look into some historic information about Pilate and Barabbas to help us better understand Pilate's motives. The Perfect Lamb of God, absolutely innocent of any sin or crime, was pronounced innocent by Pilate and yet handed over to be crucified.

Part 105 – Gospel of John 18:36 (con)

We continue to cruise through the NT references to the kingdom of God, emphasizing that this subject is a virtual synonym for the gospel.

Part 104 – Gospel of John Study 11:36 (con)

We continue to look at this major theme of the gospel - the kingdom of God.

Part 103 – Gospel of John Study 18:36

We look more closely at the kingdom of God - its nature and how we must set our minds on it, looking for the coming of the King.

Part 102 – Gospel of John Study 18:33ff

Jesus before Pilate. We look closely at Jesus' word that His kingdom is not of this world.

Part 101 – Gospel of John 18:12-28

Here we see Jesus before Annas, Caiaphas, and Pilate. The incredible evil of man's heart is on display, and at the same time the perfect carrying out of the sovereign plan of God to redeem us in His Son.

Part 100 – Gospel of John Study 18:4-11

More on the arrest and interrogation of Jesus. God's sovereignty seen in all. How the Lord sees in the darkness - Ezekiel 8 as an example.

Part 99 – Gospel of John Study, 18:1-11

The arrest of Jesus shows the absolute power and sovereignty of God in every aspect of Christ going to the cross. The deity of Christ knocks the mob to the ground with a word, yet we see the incredible hardness of the unbelieving heart in response.