Part 100 – Gospel of John Study 18:4-11

More on the arrest and interrogation of Jesus. God's sovereignty seen in all. How the Lord sees in the darkness - Ezekiel 8 as an example.

Part 99 – Gospel of John Study, 18:1-11

The arrest of Jesus shows the absolute power and sovereignty of God in every aspect of Christ going to the cross. The deity of Christ knocks the mob to the ground with a word, yet we see the incredible hardness of the unbelieving heart in response.

Part 98 – Gospel of John Study 17:21-23

Thinking more about the unity Christ effects among His people and how that unity and love causes the world to know that Christ is the Son of God and that the gospel is indeed true.

Part 97 – Gospel of John 17:20ff

Christ prays for our sanctification and unity in Him. There is no unity except that which Christ produces in His people. All else is counterfeit.

Part 96 – Gospel of John Study, 17:17-24 – Sanctification

Christ prays for the sanctification of His people, that we would be one, all of which is the necessary basis of our being sent on mission into the world.

Part 95 – Gospel of John Study – Leave and Follow

If we are going to follow Christ, we must leave! Saving faith in Christ always means we are going to have to leave something, someone, someplace....and if anyone refuses to leave, they cannot follow Christ and be saved.

Part 94 – Gospel of John Study 17:9ff

We think more now about Christ's intercessory prayer being just for His elect, not for the world. Also, how He prays that the Father would keep and guard us while we are in this world.

Part 93 – Gospel of John Study 17:6ff

We continue to look at Jesus' high priestly prayer and give further consideration to what "in His name" means.

Part 92 – Gospel of John Study Ch 17:4ff

What does Jesus mean when He speaks of keeping us "in the Father's name"? Just what does "in His name" mean?

Part 91 – Gospel of John Study Ch 17

Some thoughts on J. Gresham Machen, Christianity and Liberalism. Then continuing with the High Priestly Prayer of John 17.