Part 41 – Revelation Study Ch. 8:5ff

Liberal, counterfeit "christianity" doesn't know what to do with Revelation. We also discuss further the meaning of the trumpet judgments. (Note: connection dropped at 11 minutes and we restarted)

Part 91 – Gospel of John Study Ch 17

Some thoughts on J. Gresham Machen, Christianity and Liberalism. Then continuing with the High Priestly Prayer of John 17.

The Trumpets of Jericho, Part 40 – Revelation Study Ch. 8

The trumpets at Jericho tell us about the 7 trumpets of Revelation.

Part 90 – Gospel of John Study Ch. 17

The high priestly prayer of Jesus.

Numberless Church in Heaven, Part 39 – Revelation Bible Study, Ch. 8

A few additional comments on chapter 7 and the numberless church in heaven. then we introduce the trumpet judgments which begin in chapter 8.

Part 89 – Gospel of John 16:25ff

In this world, Jesus told us we will have trials and troubles. We will be hated by the world because of Christ. But He is Victor over the world and we can have peace in Him.

Who is Israel, Part 38 – Revelation Bible Study, ch 8:1ff

Closing comments on chapter 7, reviewing the difference between dispensational and reformed theology - who is Israel? Intro then to chapter 8.

Part 88 – Gospel of John Study 16:16ff

The great change between the Old and New Testament eras. In this world we have sorrow, but Christ is coming again and sorrow will be turned to joy.

A Picture of the Entire Church, Part 37 – Revelation Bible Study, ch 7 (con)

More thoughts on the 144,000 as a picture of the entire church.

Part 87 – Gospel of John Study 16:12ff

The Spirit always glorifies Christ.