Sunday Service Videos on YouTube

Unholy Charade – Jeff Crippen

In addition to uploading the CRC Sunday sermon to sermon audio, we are also going to be uploading the weekly sermon to our youtube account. Because the youtube account was set up under our other website,, the account can be found under the name: Unholy Charade – Jeff Crippen. Click on the link above to go there.

Each Sunday morning the Sunday Order of Service with a link to the PDF of the sermon will be published at 6 AM PMT..  Links to the video (on sermon audio and our youtube channel) will be uploaded by Sunday evening.  


5 thoughts on “Sunday Service Videos on YouTube

  1. In case anyone likes to (or needs to) use closed captioning — if you watch the Sunday service via YouTube, instead of going through SermonAudio, you can have closed captioning….

    Better yet, if English is not your first language, you can hit the “CC” sign for captions, but then hit the “settings” button which is to the right of the CC button, and the third option says “Subtitles/CC” and if you click that, you can then go and select “auto-translate” and select your language, which will then auto-translate the captions into your language of choice.

    So, great for those who are Hard-of-Hearing, and also potentially useful for those to whom english is a second language. The auto-translation may not be very accurate right now, but it’s probably going to get better with time.


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