Announcement – A Weekly Worship Time on Wednesday Evenings here

Beginning Wednesday, November 4th at 7:00PM Pacific Coast time (I guess that will be standard time by then), there will be a livestreamed worship time on the Christ Reformation Church facebook page.

Kevin Dirks, our son-in-law in Victoria, BC will be leading this session. Kevin was a pastor when our daughter first met him and has been leading the worship portion of the Sunday services at a church there in Victoria for a number of years. Now that Kevin and Jenny have plugged into Christ Reformation Church online, Kevin is excited about being involved with us in this ministry.

Once the worship time is livestreamed, the video recording is retained on our fb page so that it can be viewed later at your convenience (which greatly alleviates the time zone issues).  We will not be putting it on our Sermon Audio site because only sermons are allowed by SA.

So, thank you very much Kevin and we hope that many of you will be able to “tune in” with us.


5 thoughts on “Announcement – A Weekly Worship Time on Wednesday Evenings here

  1. This sounds great. I wonder if both this and the streamed Sunday school portions can be put on YouTube, as facebook doesn’t have a captioning option, which YouTube automatically does, so long as captions are turned on.

    Just a thought. Maybe it’s a lot of work to do such. I don’t know. Plus the Youtube captioning allows for auto-translation into a multitude of languages, which is nice.

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