An Invitation to be Part of Christ Reformation Church – Some New Things

This blog is a ministry of Christ Reformation Church. It began as Light for Dark Times and it’s original intent was focused upon teaching Christians what the Bible has to say about evil. Specifically, evil in local churches. That is still a very important mission of this blog.

As you can see however, we have added “Christ Reformation Church” to the blog title and the reason we are doing so, and why we are making a few other changes, is that we realize we need to provide many of our readers with a church home. No, we aren’t trying to replace actual local churches, but the truth is that the condition of local churches today is, well, rather pathetic. And if you are a victim of domestic abuse (or other kinds of abuse) that occurred in the context of a local church, then you know that most churches on a street corner are simply not going to back you up. When it comes to having a church home, you end up homeless.

As a result, many of you have mentioned to us that our blogs (including and the sermons we publish on have become what you consider to be your church or at least a primary source of Christian fellowship. So we are responding and making some changes and additions here that we hope will enable you to feel more like you are a part of Christ Reformation Church – this little body of believers here in Tillamook, Oregon consisting of only about 30 people. YOU are an encouragement to us too!

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A Vital Sermon to Hear – What is Wrong with the Visible Church Today?

I delivered the following sermon yesterday here at Christ Reformation Church as part of our ongoing series in the Gospel of Matthew, specifically the Sermon on the Mount.

You can read or listen to the sermon HERE

Do you wonder if the true church even exists anymore today? Of course we know it does, but where is it? Why is it that local churches are so commonly havens for the wicked? How is it that the righteous are cast out? Well, it turns out that the very same conditions existed in the days when Christ was here on this earth.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus identifies what a true citizen of His kingdom looks like (the Beatitudes) and then he exposes the phonies. In His day those were the Scribes and Pharisees and their crowd.

They are still with us today and in many, many cases local churches are in fact those dens of robbers and synagogues of Satan that all through church history have paraded as Christ’s church. They are not. And unless we know these things thoroughly, believe them, and are wise, then we are going to grow weary and discouraged. Our faith will be assaulted.

So read or listen to my sermon (click on the link above) and see just what “having a form of godliness but denying its power” means.