An Appearance of Godliness: Case Studies in Evil (Part 17)

Harry is a Christian counselor. He holds a seminary degree and is on staff with a large Christian organization where he has his counseling practice. Harry is a member of his church where he also serves as a church board member, holding the office of deacon.

When the new pastor arrived, Harry was very welcoming. He seemed to share the same doctrinal views and as time went along, Harry agreed with the pastor’s observations about some problem individuals in the church.

Over time however, the pastor got to know Harry more accurately. And there were some troubling signs which indicated Harry was not the fine Christian saint he portrayed. For example:

  • Harry and his wife evidenced real friction in their marriage. She was not a pleasant person to be around and was very secretive and short-tempered.
  • Harry was not home very often. Each week he would leave for his counseling job which was located two hours away. He lived in a separate residence there all week.
  • Harry was very demanding. He pressured the pastor to help him with his second “ministry” at a local rehab center (which paid him for his services). When the pastor eventually told Harry that he was unable to continue helping, Harry became quite angry.
  • None of Harry’s children were Christians.
  • Ultimately, just prior to a Bible study the pastor was leading, Harry came up to him and said, in front of others, “You are not qualified to be a pastor. Your personality doesn’t fit.” This was shortly after the pastor had gone with Harry to the hospital where Harry’s wife was being released to come home and be on hospice. The pastor helped Harry bring her home and when she died, presided at the funeral.

Harry eventually left the church and began attending another nearby.

So who was Harry? What was Harry? Well, Harry had an appearance of godliness, but his life and deeds denied its power. In spite of Harry’s apparent profession of faith in Christ, in spite of Harry’s seminary degree and his Christian counseling practice, Harry was not a Christian. Harry was a fraud. His fruit was bad and therefore Harry was bad.

Just think of it. People like Harry are in leadership positions in churches. People like Harry are counseling others and doing so in the name of Christ. How much damage are they doing? The thing is just mind boggling. And people like Harry are working to discourage real pastors and real servants of Christ who refuse to exalt Harry in the church.

Harry is the kind of creep who creeps into the church and sits with us in the pews, singing the hymns, praying the prayers, teaching the Bible studies, providing counseling – all the while using these formats for evil purposes.

I know other Harrys. I know some who are pastors, standing in pulpits each Sunday, giving marriage counseling to people in their church – but it is all a sham. They do not know the Lord. Many abuse their wives behind the scenes. And the Lord sees it all. The Lord knows all about it. Harry and his ilk are going to have to give an account to the Chief Shepherd one day for abusing His flock. They will have no excuse. They will have nowhere to hide on that Day when the wrath of the Lamb meets them.

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  1. Sadly, I think we have all known a Harry or two – probably more. We’ve been heavily indoctrinated to believe the best and look the other way even when we know something isn’t quite right.

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