They Just Never Stop With the Accusations

Now the chief priests and the whole Council were seeking false testimony against Jesus that they might put him to death, but they found none, though many false witnesses came forward. At last two came forward…(Matthew 26:59-60)

It is not surprising that abusers are accusers. They are, after all, of their father the devil who is known as the accuser of the brethren. Slander and lies are his stock and trade and so it is with his children.

Probably every single abuse victim has been falsely accused, lied about, slandered, and libeled by their oppressor. And people have believed those lies. Duped by the abuser, they side with and enable him, becoming his allies.  And all this does not stop with the divorce.

Abusers do what they do. They do what they are. They keep on, for years and years, accusing and lying in order to oppress.  It has been my experience that years, even decades, can go by. You may not have even thought of your old abuser much of late and you are pressing on with your life. And then. . .bang! Some word comes your way. Some person you haven’t seen for along while. Something or someone communicates to you that the abuser is STILL at it. Spinning his evil lies. Making his false accusations. And people still are believing him.

Abusers you see, are wicked. They are children of the Destroyer and destruction is their mission. They don’t stop because they still are what they were. You will never, you see, hear anything like the following words from the abuser:

Oh yes, her. We were married for a long time and I am ashamed to say that I treated her. . .very badly. Oh I justified what I did to her for quite a few years but as I look back on the whole thing now, I am as I say, ashamed of myself. How petty I was. It was all my fault.

Nope. That is not going to happen. What WILL happen if you somehow, as I say by some word from someone or some other happening that communicates information to you about that old abuser, what you WILL see (and perhaps you will even be a bit shocked by the thing) is that the abuser hasn’t skipped a beat all these years. It is as if those years since you got away from him weren’t years at all, but only a few days. His character is unchanged. His tactics are the same.

Because abusers abuse. They never stop trying. It’s in their DNA. It’s in their soul.

One Day when Christ returns to judge the world, every mouth will finally be closed. No more accusing. No more slander. We will never have to listen to it again.

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