The Greater Condemnation

1Co 9:27 But I discipline my body and keep it under control, lest after preaching to others I myself should be disqualified.

The Apostle Paul here warns us of hypocrisy. Of preaching to others while not preaching to ourselves. Of not “practicing what we preach” as it is often put. To be a hypocrite in this manner is to incur greater judgment against ourselves on the Day when we stand before the Lord.

I am sure most all of you know that RASN’s who parade as Christians are hypocrites. How they LOVE to preach to others. Quote Bible verses. Use Scripture to condemn their targeted victims. Live wicked lives while wearing a mask of “saintliness.”

Listen to this excellent commentary on such people:

So let us realise that when we teach others and have done wonders by rebuking those who are rebellious and obstinate and by restoring the wandering and strengthening the fainthearted, we will be even more guilty and deserving of condemnation if we do not show by our deeds that we have spoken sincerely from the heart. Consequently, condemnation will be greater for those who undertake to instruct others when they do not profit from what they teach. That ought to make us walk in fear and humility. So when it comes to teaching, let us admit this: “It is true that God wants me to serve my neighbors, but I must still be my own judge. I bear His word and must instruct myself. Otherwise it will be to my great and utter condemnation if I do not live in conformity with what I proclaim with my own mouth…Are we to correct others? Let us first correct ourselves.  [John Calvin, Sermons on Job, Vol 1, Banner of Truth, page 167]

The day is indeed coming when all counterfeits hiding in the visible church, all who use God’s Word as an evil weapon against the innocent, all who preach in order to hurt and condemn and magnify themselves, will be exposed and sentenced to the greater judgment in hell.

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