Bribery – The Magic Stone of the Wicked

“A bribe is like a magic stone in the eyes of the one who gives it; wherever he turns he prospers.”
(Proverbs 17:8)

The Bible has much to say about this evil of bribery. God’s Law forbids it repeatedly, exposes its evil motives, and promises His retribution upon all who practice it. Just how much bribery goes on in our government, in our courts, and yes, even in our churches would no doubt be overwhelming to us if we knew.

Wicked people so often prosper. It seems like whatever some of them do just turns to gold. They win. They get rich. They obtain powerful positions. They cinch lucrative business deals. It is almost as if they are somehow charmed. And that is exactly what God’s Word says right here – “a bribe is like a magic stone.” Through bribes, be they monetary or favors given or flattery – the wicked man casts his spell upon the recipient. Justice is thereby denied to the innocent. The widow’s estate is robbed. The honest man’s business is ruined. The wicked attain to political and powerful office.

Of all places that bribery is not to be found is the church. And yet in so many visible churches (I say visible because I am not speaking of the true body of Christ which consists only of Christ’s true people)…in so many visible churches we see the same people gaining power, being acclaimed, prospering financially, living it would seem – charmed lives. When we see this we should have warning sirens and lights going off in our heads. Such success never characterized Christ’s true servants nor even Christ Himself.

How is it that we keep reading about and seeing the same usual suspects (as I call them) continually in the limelight? “There is going to be a big Christian conference.” “Really? Who are the Speakers?” Do you even need to ask? The same names. Why?

Sometimes bribery is effected through “connections.” “He is well-connected” as they say and thus advanced rapidly up the ladder.

What has all of this to do with abuse? With RASNs? Simply this – if you are in a church, for example, which is headed by people who obtained their positions by bribery, by connections, by flattery, by wealth….you can just forget about receiving justice. Because fundamentally it is justice which is the target of bribery. Justice is what the bribe-giver sets out to buy, which is not justice at all. I believe that this bribery business has much more to do with why abuse victims typically receive IN-justice in their churches. Because someone has been bought and paid for.

2 thoughts on “Bribery – The Magic Stone of the Wicked

  1. Please comment on ‘manipulator’ or ‘manipulation’. I do not find these words in the Bible; however, I know that the evil that is done by manipulators is similar to flattery or even in some cases, bribery. Please explain what Biblical word is closest to manipulation in today’s english.

    1. The important thing to look for is the concept. Manipulation is steering people in a particular direction – usually for nefarious purposes. Bribery is manipulation. Flattery is manipulation. Coersion is manipulation. Temptation is manipulation as is lying.

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