Some Thoughts on Churches that Abuse the Abused

Recently we watched a movie called A Call to Spy. It was about World War 2 and Britain’s efforts to send agents into Nazi occupied France to gather intelligence and help organize resistance fighters. One out of three of these agents never made it back home.

The movie specificially focuses on the inclusion of women in these ranks and the account is based upon real people who actually operated behind enemy lines. The movie showed the tactics of the Nazis to capture spies and force information from them. It also showed the methods of Hitler’s hordes to control the populace by instilling intense fear into them, along with flooding them with propaganda.

As I watched, I could not help but see similarities between the Nazis and so many of the churches and church leaders who protect abusers and oppress the abused. There is bullying. Threatening. Silencing. False teaching (propaganda). And then there were the scenes in the movie of women spies who had been captured, tortured, and imprisoned.

I know that I will be accused of exaggerating and there will be the angry responses of “how dare you accuse your brothers in Christ of being like the Nazis.” But it’s true. There are definite similarities in methodology.

And I would simply say – if you don’t want to be accused of being like a Nazi, then don’t be like a Nazi.

3 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on Churches that Abuse the Abused

  1. You’re not exaggerating Pastor Crippen, I’m starting to see how the enemy uses everyone who is not filled with the Holy Spirit, whether they call themselves a Christian, a Republican, Democrat, or back in the day, a Nazi.
    I used to think that someone who claimed Christianity or Conservatism was automatically a good soul, but I’ve come to realize that many are just as evil, albeit in a more covert way, as those who don’t. Really, they’re tactics are all the same, whether in a family setting, church, government, or nation…it’s all about power and controlling others using the methods you mentioned, which I believe, all the horrific chaos we’re seeing now in our cities is the result of. The propaganda (slander, gossip, lies), the bullying, and the silencing all produce fear and cause a tumultuous existence that keeps chaos ever present and peace nonexistent, which helps them to stay in control, and all are usually coated in the guise of victimization or just wanting to help others…and the perpetrators are so good at it, and fool so many.
    I might be the one accused of exaggerating now, but I’m also starting to believe that everyone who consistently displays these incredibly narcissistic traits, whether overt or covert, shows the spirit of the anti-Christ at work, which is the spirit that is opposite of the Holy Spirit, and which plants itself in all who reject Christ’s true teachings. It is the spirit that is against (anti) all that is good and all that would bring true peace, against everything of God…as the Nazis were, and as every other such regime, cult, church, family or workplace are that embrace power and control, and it seems that we are surrounded by this anti-spirit and so we must be very vigilant…truly wise as serpents yet stay innocent as doves, which is so difficult when their constant attacks are aimed at bringing out the worst in us (reactions to their evil behaviors) so that they can point their fingers at us and claim we are the problem. It’s a never ending cycle and so exhausting, but God has already won this battle, and I pray that many more eyes, ears and hearts will be open to the truth, which this ministry, ever on the frontlines, keeps bringing. Thank you, and continued Blessings.

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