The Armies of the Lord – CRC Sunday Service

March 3, 2019

Psalm 4

Psalm 116:1-9 (Psalter #116-A)

I love the Lord because He heard my Supplicating plea,
I while I live will call on Him Who bowed His ear to me.
The cords of death on every side Encompassed me around
The sorrows of the grave took hold; I grieve and trouble found.

Then called I on Jehovah’s name And unto Him did say
“Deliver Thou my soul ,O Lord, I do Thee humbly pray.”
The Lord is gracious and is just; Our God will mercy show.
The Lord preserves the meek in heart; he saved me when brought low.

O thou my soul, do thou return To thine own quiet rest.
Because the Lord has dealt in grace; His bounty has thee blessed.
Thou has released my soul from death, My eyes from tears kept free,
From falling Thou has saved my feet; I live and walk with Thee.

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