Your Motives are Always Evil According to the Wicked

1Co 2:11 For who knows a person’s thoughts except the spirit of that person, which is in him? So also no one comprehends the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God.

Wicked people operate from evil motives which proceed from a sinful, wicked heart. They are bad trees which produce bad fruit because their root is evil. As a result, they project evil motives to you. They, being the children of the devil, are accusers, just like daddy.

Most of you have been on the receiving end of these kinds of accusations. Even though, as the Scripture above tells us, no one can know the motives/thoughts of someone except the spirit of that person, abusers and narcissists and sociopaths fancy that they are so godlike that they are able to tell you what your motives and thoughts are. If you forgot to do something, you forgot because you just didn’t want to do it. If you made a suggestion to them, you did it because you are arrogant and wanted to put them down.

When a person is subjected to this kind of accusation long enough, they will begin to have doubts about themselves. They will become introspective in an unhealthy way, wondering if in fact their motives were sinful. When you are accused long enough, especially by a skilled liar whose motives are always evil, you can begin to believe those lies.

We all sin. Sometimes we do things or fail to do things out of a sinful motivation. But particularly if we know Christ, we will quickly come to repentance and confess to Him. He forgives us. However, how likely is it that EVERYTHING you do proceeds from evil motives? That is what your abuser wants you to think. That is what he accuses you of. But really, is it actually possible that EVERYTHING you have done or do is the fruit of an evil thought or intent? I think that is very unlikely for a Christian.

These abuser types (who I am increasingly convinced are narcissists) don’t want to hear it. They don’t want to hear any explanation from you. They don’t want to consider for a moment that they have wrongly accused you and that they in fact do not know your thoughts an spirit. What they want is to beat you down, to use you and to control you for their own glory seeking ego.

This is the truth. And when we come to understand it, the truth really does promote our freedom. It will also, of course, promote the wicked one’s hatred whose lies we refuse to believe.

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